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HYPERLAST™ polyether and DIPRANE™ polyester based prepolymer systems are specifically formulated to offer excellent dynamic and mechanical performance with the advantages of tolerance to processing conditions and ratio.


HYPERLAST™ prepolymers and systems are predominantly based on polyether chemistry. They yield elastomers with excellent dynamic performance and toughness, through to polyether polyols which offer very good all round performance – especially in cold and wet environments.



DIPRANE™ prepolymers and systems are based on polyester or Polycaprolactone chemistry to yield elastomers that are suitable in applications requiring a high degree of wear and tear resistance. Typical examples include ore and mineral extraction processes. They can also be tailored to provide elastomers capable of excellent solvent resistance or anti-static properties.



With simple ratios and long gel times DURAMOULD™ series allow easy processing by hand mix method to give high quality moulds with finger print detail of the master pattern.


Voracor™ CS

Voracor™ CS grades offer a wide range of wood imitation PU systems for furniture and architectural decorative elements.